The Laser Cottage Ltd

          The Design and Manufacture of Personalised Giftware

             Hello and welcome to The Laser Cottage Ltd.

I am by day a Product Designer with a history of designing and making my own gifts for friends. Since the birth of my daughter, I decided to offer these products to sell and have not looked back since!

I work on my designs whilst my daughter is sleeping and use my very own Laser Cutter to make them using natural materials. The finishing touches such as gift wrapping take place on our kitchen table whilst I watch Emmerdale in the evenings!

My designs are always based on what I love in my own home - cute, decorative shapes made from natural materials which hold a special memory for me, my family and friends.

I hope that you find a product that suits your requirements here at The Laser Cottage, however, if you have something a little different in mind, please feel free to email me at

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